Welcome to the website of PHARMA & FOOD CONSULT !

Pharma & Food Consult is a consulting company that provides pharmaceutical and food companies with ad rem advice and services.

I would like to share almost 20 years of experience as an industrial pharmacist at several pharmaceutical companies with you and your enterprise.
In both small companies and multinationals, I have had the opportunity to develop to an all-round pharmacist.
Of the small companies: VSM / Dolisos and Pharma Consulting & Industries (PC&I).
Of the multinationals: Janssen Pharmaceutica / Baxter / Real Software and AstraZeneca.

Especially in the field of phytotherapy and nutritherapy, I have a broad experience and profound interest.

Finally, I want to mention that I have a thorough knowledge of informatics, which I have already been able to use in several projects.

If you want more information, you can also read my CV / Résumé (8p)

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